Beer Tasting

Our Beer Tasting is perfect for a celebratory occasion or a light-hearted team escape event. You will enjoy six delicious beers during the session and the opportunity to take part in a knowledge-based challenge.

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You and all your guests will enjoy a Litton Ale reception, while our host talks you through the history of beer and briefs you on the tasting event ahead.


Throughout the tasting, each guest will taste six beers each.


You will then split into teams to take part in a blind tasting event. Using your newfound knowledge, each team will be challenged to identify the style of a variety of different beers.


Don’t forget, you can choose from any of our experience add-ons for an extra touch of luxury at your event.

Perfect for- team away days, celebrations and intimate stag evenings.

If you're interested in booking an experience with us or require any further information, get in touch to start planning your memorable event.

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